Thursday 26 February 2015

Lush Easter Sneak Peek | prettylittlewriter

Ahead of the release of the new Easter products, Lush at Meadowhall in Sheffield invited myself and a few other bloggers to their store to view the products, try them out and take a couple of items home with us.

It was a lovely morning spent meeting new people, eating a delicious breakfast they kindly provided for us, and revelling in the gorgeousness of the exciting new products.

A lot of you may have seen some of the products in their previous Easter collections, however I only discovered my love for Lush around summer last year, therefore everything in the collection was new and exciting for me!

Now on to a mini review on the products!

Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar
These gorgeous little carrots come in a bunch of three, with a delicious scent of Buchu Oil, Lemon Oil and Bergamot Oil, they really make your bath water smell good enough to eat! The scents all compliment each other, and are very fresh and sweet.
Not only do you get a bunch of three, but each carrot is reusable! Either swish them around your bath together, or remove one from the bunch and they create gorgeously soft bubbles!
Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar in Action
Golden Egg
The golden egg is a combination of a bath bomb and a bath melt. A gorgeous gold glitter coating, with soft cocoa butter will instantly leave your skin feeling silky smooth and sparkly after a bath. Quite a long lasting product, it takes around 10 minutes to completely fizz out (without any encouragement) and leaves your bath water a stunning marigold colour. Other ingredients include Olive Oil and Sweet Wild Orange Oil, giving it a delicious, honey scent.

Golden Egg in Action

Fluffy Egg
The fluffy egg contains sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, and for all you Snow Fairy scent lovers, you will be happy to know it smells just like that! So you can get your Christmas Snow Fairy fix with this lovely Fluffy Egg bath bomb.

Carrot Soap
This gorgeous looking soap contains Buchu Oil, Carrot Oil and Organic Cocoa Butter, making it a fresh scent with a smoothing and softening effect on your skin. When cut into pieces, the inside of the carrot contains cute little bunnies representative of the Against Animal Testing Bunny.

Immaculate Eggception Bath Bomb
This bath bomb is quite large, very much like the Valentine's Love Locket, and has a tiny little chick or bunny inside which allows you to use the bath bomb more than once if you crack it open. The ingredients within this product are Grapefruit Oil, Lemon Oil and Vanilla Absolute, which gives the product a delicious Citrus scent. 
Each product has the same ingredients in it, therefore it does not matter which colour you choose, they have the same scent and effect.

Immaculate Eggception in Action
Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb
This little guy is the new addition to Lush's Easter collection, and contains Violet Leaf Absolute, Lime Oil and Popping Candy which gives a lovely fresh outdoor scent, with a bit of excitement for you in the bath with the popping candy.
I think this product is a great new addition as not only is he ridiculously adorable to look at, but he truly does smell like a nice fresh, outdoor walking scent.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap
A beautiful masterpiece, this soap is almost too good to ever cut up! It contains Mandarin, Neroli and Carnation which gives it a delicious fresh and fruity scent. A shimmer coating, this soap will leave your skin looking gorgeous and glittering, with a lovely scent. And if you have a favourite colour of the rainbow, you can choose which one to have!

Pot O' Gold Jelly
Much like the Snowman Jelly, this Pot of Gold will be great fun to use in your bathtub. Wash yourself with it or play with it, but whatever you choose, it truly is a gorgeous thing to look at. It contains Fresh Pineapple Juice, Vanilla Absolute and Myrrh Resinoid to give it a delicious fruity scent. 

The collection also contains a couple of newly designed Scarves and Gift Boxes, which can be seen below.

The products go on sale tomorrow, Friday 27th February, across all Lush stores and their official website

If any of these products tickle your fancy, be sure to go pick some up when they have been released, I can promise you they will be worth it!

You can also check out Lush Meadowhall on social media, if you have any questions be sure to tweet them.

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