Wednesday 15 November 2017

Festive Bedding Must-Haves | prettylittlewriter

Christmas is almost upon us, and what better way to get in the festive spirit by getting snuggled up in some Christmas bedding!

Every year I look forward to seeing what themes certain stores come up with, especially Asda. They are my all time favorite place to shop for bedding, and not just at Christmas!

These are just a few of their incredible sets for 2017!

Cats Duvet & Skiing Duvet

Elf Duvet & Reindeer Duvet
I absolutely adore the cats and the reindeer duvet sets, mainly because they are some of my favorite animals, but they also have that vintage feel!

Another place that does gorgeous bedding, but at a slightly higher price, is Next.
This is one I've spotted in stores and I think it is adorable!

Christmas Bears Duvet
I just love how they all have hats and gloves on, how cute?!

And finally, if you want something a little more mature and sophisticated, I have come across this lovely set from Kaleidoscope.

Foliage Duvet
With robins, holly and mistletoe, it's a much more demure, but still very festive, set of bedding.

I am getting very excited for Christmas, especially getting everyone else's presents together and wrapping them, and I've started with putting my set of Christmas bedding from Asda on the bed(Last years).

If you're looking for something to brighten your bedroom and add a bit of festivity, then look no further than these three stores!

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Snowella Beauty Range | prettylittlewriter

This year has been a wonderful one for the amazing girl we know as Zoella. 
And now Winter is approaching, she has released yet another amazing beauty range!

'Snowella' as she has so aptly named it, is an incredible mixture of body butters, lotions, tea bag bath melts(!!!) and a bigger version of the Body Mist in the scent 'snowella'. 
I purchased the Treasure Me gift set, which is currently only £30 on Superdrug instead of £40, along with the Brew Me a Bath set and Snowella Body Mist.
It all smells so incredible, I absolutely love the fresh scent she has created for this range, and I am obsessed with the little tea bags for your bath!! 
There are so many cute little products for gifting, which is of course the whole point of her range, as gifts for christmas presents. 

I think my favourite items are the Bath Tea Bags and the Winter Wonderhand
So if you want to some great gifts for loved ones this christmas, or you just want to treat yourself, I 100% recommend Zoe's Winter range!

Monday 12 June 2017

Maui ♡ | prettylittlewriter |

I never thought I'd be writing this blog post, never mind having to feel the way I feel right now, but here I am. 

My beloved little boy Maui, who I'd only had for around 3 months, was sadly hit by a car last week and killed. I live in a fairly rural area, so to have him pass so easily, and quickly, was a shock, and very difficult. The only consolation is that he didn't feel anything, it was quick and painless.

I am absolutely devastated, I loved this boy with all my heart. It still doesn't really make sense to me. And I still cannot quite believe it has happened. It just doesn't feel real.
Every time I get home from work, I expect to see him pawing at the front door, begging for a cuddle and a kiss. He was such a lovey dovey boy, so incredibly sweet and playful. He always loved to play with you and bite your fingers, he never purposely tried to hurt you, as he would always keep his claws in and bite you gently. 

He had so many little unique traits, including only drinking from my bathroom tap, making this adorable little noise every time he jumped up on the bed/sofa to see you, how he'd place his paw on your hand when sleeping. 

I must admit, I am struggling a bit. 
I am throwing myself into my work, trying to focus on anything and everything else but losing him. 
When you've created such a strong bond with a pet, even in such a short time, and you have them ripped away from you in an instant, it is truly heartbreaking. It feels like my heart was literally ripped from my chest and shoved back in. 
Sometimes I can feel numb, like my body just can't cope with feeling anything, and then other times, I feel like I am completely broken, and I can't stop crying. 

He was my absolute everything, my angel. I am going to miss him so so much. 
I just hope wherever he is, whatever he is doing, he is happy. That he knows how much I loved him, and how much his daddy loved him. 

RIP Maui 

Tuesday 16 May 2017

The Ordinary Skincare | prettylittlewriter

Good morning everyone! 
I hope your week has started off well, mine certainly has gotten a lot more exciting!
ASOS have recently introduced the brand The Ordinary. to their products, and oh my goodness, they look incredible!
As soon as I saw them I had to get my hands on them, and they are so affordable! 
In the post today arrived two of their products that interested me the most, so let me introduce you...
Firstly, I chose the Caffeine Solution, which is a mixture of Caffeine and Green Tea extract. It is designed to reduce the appearance of eye contour pigmentation and puffiness. As I have only just received the items, I am yet to see any real, long-lasting results, however, after applying the caffeine solution to my under eyes bags, they instantly started cooling and I could feel it taking effect on the puffiness of my under eye area. My bags have been a constant battle throughout my life so far, they are so purple and puffy, and quite difficult to conceal, so I am hoping for good things!

The second product that caught my eye was the Peeling Solution. Now don't be alarmed, peeling doesn't mean your skin is going to come off, nor does it mean the serum will solidify and you'll have to peel it off! The Peeling Solution is a ten-minute exfoliating facial in bottle; with a deep rouge shade to it, it can look a little scary at first. 
This is what it looks like when applied, I'm not sure how much you should use, so I just placed a few droplets on each different section of my face and tried to massage it in as evenly as possible! 
I must admit, it did sting, quite a bit. But only on my cheeks, which at the moment has quite a few blemishes, so I assumed that meant it was working it's magic! 

At first removal, after the 10 minutes was up, I was a little bit worried I may have had a reaction to the product, as my face was quite pink! However, after dabbing my face with cold water, that soon faded! It left me with very soft and subtle skin, and it also brought my blemishes out to the forefront. I do not think this is a bad thing in any way, I believe it is the solutions way of extracting the bad stuff in your skin, bringing it to the surface and (hopefully) getting rid of them!
You are advised on the website only to use the product twice a week, as it is quite a concentrated, acid solution. It also advises you on the packaging to wear SPF for a week after using the product if you're exposed to the sun as it can increase your skin's sensitivity and possibly cause sunburn. 
Overall, I am incredibly impressed with these two products. What makes them even better is that they are tested on humans, and not animals. Any brand that is against animal testing is brilliant in my eyes! 
So now, I cannot wait to see the results within the next few weeks!

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Tuesday 2 May 2017

Spring Fashion Wishlist 2017 | prettylittlewriter

First, let me say, I hope you all had a lovely Easter and celebrated it with your family and friends! 

Spring is an incredible time of year, it brings new life, new beginnings and not to mention, new fashion!

This brings me to today's blog post, my Spring fashion wishlist! A lot of these can be worn through summer also, as I am well aware Spring is actually almost over and Summer is nearly here!

First up is Topshop! They have some absolutely stunning pieces this year, and of course they have cashed in on the embroidery trend that is EVERYWHERE right now! I love it.

Next up is River Island, which has some gorgeous items, including these stunning slip on loafers!

And finally we have Zara, which is always my go-to for Spring fashion, they have some incredible clothes to choose from!

These are just a few of the items I hope to treat myself to through the next few months or so. 
Do you guys have anything you're looking to purchase especially for Spring/Summer? :)

Tuesday 7 March 2017

My New Favourite Cleanser | prettylittlewriter

When it comes to skincare, you want the best for your skin without really thinking about the price tag. Obviously if you're on a budget, much like myself, it's hard to find something under £20 that can give you that clean, fresh finish you need after removing your make up. 
I have found that most of the time, those that you purchase under £20 don't remove waterproof mascara or matte lipstick very well (with the exception of my fav Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish).

I have discovered the wonders of the Loreal Paris Extraordinary Facial Cleansing Oil
I was browsing the shelves of Superdrug, looking for something affordable, and something I haven't really tried before, from a brand I don't often use.
Which is when I came across this little beauty.
It boasts about 'instantly dissolving all make up, revealing nourished and radiant skin with a non-greasy finish'.
This is no lie. 
Whenever I apply this product to my skin to remove my make up, it slides on so effortlessly, blending your make up into the oil instantly showing you the removal process. As soon as it touches a matte lip, the lipstick ends up entirely in the oil, and no longer on your lip!
Using a hot, moist face cloth, you remove the oil from your skin to a beautifully cleansed, bare face which feels incredibly soft and smooth. No grease is left on the skin at all, and it genuinely removes every single bit of your make up. 
I always apply my cleanser twice, to ensure complete removal of those tough mascaras, but this product genuinely does exactly what it says on the packaging.

I also love the bottle it comes in, a nice easy pump allowing as little as one pump to clear your skin! I usually use two/three to be on the safe side!
I have nothing but good things to say about this product, I absolutely love it. And at the price of £7.99, you just can't go wrong!

If you like the sound of the Loreal Extraordinary Cleansing Oil, head on over to Superdrug where it is currently on offer at just £5.29!

Do any of my followers have an affordable skincare recommendation? I'd love to hear from you!

Thursday 16 February 2017

My Go-To High Street Staples for Flawless Skin | prettylittlewriter

Recently, I have had so many compliments on my skin, or more-so, my foundation, from both colleagues and customers alike during my day job.
I have been using this combination for a long time now, and whether it's the applicators that create the flawless finish, or just the products themselves, I always feel so fresh and incredibly happy with my make up.

So I thought I'd share with you all the products I use to create my make up base, and show you the results!
The first step is a combination of the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation & Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation. I use a combination of the two shades, as the Lasting Finish shade, Porcelain, is just that little bit too light for my skin tone. The Wake Me Up shade is True Ivory, which is slightly darker than my skin tone, so again, I can't use it on it's own. Yes I could have gotten two shades of the same foundation, however I had both of these in already, and I thought I'd try combining them. It's definitely worth it!
Wake Me Up gives you that gorgeous, dewy look, perfect for Spring/Summer, and Lasting Finish gives that build-able coverage to create a gorgeous finish.
I team the foundation with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, again, in two shades. I use the shade Fair for the under-eye area, to brighten my dark circles, and Cool Medium to cover any blemishes I may have.

I then fix my base in place with the Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder which mattifies any areas which are giving off a bit too much shine.

I also add a bit of bronzer, blusher and highlighter, however these aren't necessities, and they aren't what create that perfect, blemish free skin.

All of the products are applied with the Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes. Foundation and concealer applied with the Triangle Foundation Brush, and the Arched Powder Brush for the powder. 

I am always so incredibly impressed with how it turns out, and to get compliments from other people, shows just how great these foundations are.
So if you want something that will give you flawless skin without breaking the bank, head on over to your local boots/superdrug or if you're in America, your local drugstore, and pick up these babies!!