Tuesday 26 January 2021

Book Review | Shagged. Married. Annoyed. by Rosie & Chris Ramsey | prettylittlewriter

With recent goings on in the world, I think we all need a bit of humour and laughter in our lives. When I'm having one of my down days, my go to pick me up is to listen to the podcast, Shagged. Married. Annoyed. by Chris & Rosie Ramsey.

 In September 2020, Chris and Rosie released their book Shagged. Married. Annoyed. which is like an add-on to their podcast, giving us insight into their personal lives in a hilarious way.

Rosie & Chris share stories from their childhood, previous jobs, accidents that have happened to them and many more incredibly funny stories. 
I've been a huge fan of Chris since I was a teen (I'm almost 27 now for reference; Rosie, I know you'll appreciate this), after I attended one of his stand-up gigs, and I started following Rosie on Instagram around 3 years ago. She has become one of my favourite people ever; she is brilliant, down-to-earth and just cracks me up. 

The book is separated into sections, with Rosie and/or Chris writing and the occasional comment about that story from the other person. Being able to read an auto-biography of their lives that they have written together is just brilliant.

Whether you're a fan of them both or not, this book will have you laughing at their parenting mishaps, Rosie's going out-out stories, and Chris' (the bike guy) reactions to some of the 'letters from the public'. 

They share their stories with so much honesty, humour and no shame, which I think is just lovely. They are not afraid to laugh at themselves!
I definitely recommend this to anyone that needs a good laugh and an easy read!

3/5 stars