Tuesday 7 March 2017

My New Favourite Cleanser | prettylittlewriter

When it comes to skincare, you want the best for your skin without really thinking about the price tag. Obviously if you're on a budget, much like myself, it's hard to find something under £20 that can give you that clean, fresh finish you need after removing your make up. 
I have found that most of the time, those that you purchase under £20 don't remove waterproof mascara or matte lipstick very well (with the exception of my fav Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish).

I have discovered the wonders of the Loreal Paris Extraordinary Facial Cleansing Oil
I was browsing the shelves of Superdrug, looking for something affordable, and something I haven't really tried before, from a brand I don't often use.
Which is when I came across this little beauty.
It boasts about 'instantly dissolving all make up, revealing nourished and radiant skin with a non-greasy finish'.
This is no lie. 
Whenever I apply this product to my skin to remove my make up, it slides on so effortlessly, blending your make up into the oil instantly showing you the removal process. As soon as it touches a matte lip, the lipstick ends up entirely in the oil, and no longer on your lip!
Using a hot, moist face cloth, you remove the oil from your skin to a beautifully cleansed, bare face which feels incredibly soft and smooth. No grease is left on the skin at all, and it genuinely removes every single bit of your make up. 
I always apply my cleanser twice, to ensure complete removal of those tough mascaras, but this product genuinely does exactly what it says on the packaging.

I also love the bottle it comes in, a nice easy pump allowing as little as one pump to clear your skin! I usually use two/three to be on the safe side!
I have nothing but good things to say about this product, I absolutely love it. And at the price of £7.99, you just can't go wrong!

If you like the sound of the Loreal Extraordinary Cleansing Oil, head on over to Superdrug where it is currently on offer at just £5.29!

Do any of my followers have an affordable skincare recommendation? I'd love to hear from you!