Thursday 24 July 2014

Current Beauty Staples | prettylittlewriter

For today's blog post I thought I'd show you all the every day make up I currently use!

I definitely wear more than I used to, but it still remains as a completely natural look! It also takes me a lot longer to apply than it used to, I now need around 40 minutes to complete my look, when before it was only 20 minutes! 


The Seventeen trio eyeshadows gives a natural smoky eye look without being overly dramatic, and the Topshop lipstick in Charmed gives a pop of colour for lovely summer days! 
As you can see my Real Techniques brushes get some serious use and could do with a wash (hehe). 
The Simple Revitalising Eye Roll-On is a great wake me up for my eyes first thing in the morning. I used to sit with cucumber on my eyes for a few minutes, but I found this product and decided to give it a go. It gives pretty much the same results as the cucumber did; my eyes feel much brighter and more awake!


  1. I really want this mascara is it worth it?! Love this post x

    1. It is definitely worth it! I haven't used anything else since I got it! I love it! :) x