Thursday 15 April 2021

Book Review | Eeny Meeny by M. J. Aldridge | prettylittlewriter

If you're a horror fan, this book is for you.

M. J. Aldridge has created a dangerous and sneaky villain that evades everyone until the very end.

'When two people go missing and end up locked in a room together with no food, no water, and no escape, they realise that they have been kidnapped and left for dead.
The only item left in the room with them is a gun, with a single bullet inside.

Only one person can leave that room alive.

DI Helen Grace is on the case when a young girl appears; dishevelled, malnourished and full of terror. After hearing of the brutal situation she was in, and more bodies being found along with other survivors, DI Grace realises this is a serial killer with a passion for games and a deadly motive.

It's a race against time to solve the murders and put a stop to the game before too many bodies drop.'

For a debut novel, it's absolutely brilliant.

DI Helen Grace is a great main character, with so much depth and mystery surrounding her, you desperately want to find out what has happened to her in the past that has impacted her life with such force that it show in her actions.

There are some good secondary characters also, especially Mark, a drunk, out of touch colleague that has family problems. You feel for him and his situation, and I was certainly hoping for a romance between him and DI Grace to blossom.

There are some pretty graphic scenes; think the SAW movies, with some gag-worthy moments that made me put the book down for a moment before I could carry on.

I was kept guessing the whole way through as to who the murderer was, and could NOT believe how it turned out. Incredibly shocking and brilliant.

Aldridge's writing style is easy, snappy and informative. The chapters are kept quite minimal, which means its quick and encourages you to read more as each chapter is often left on a cliff hanger.

I would highly recommend to anyone that loves a good crime thriller/horror (but please be aware it is quite gory, so if you have a delicate stomach, it may not be a suitable read).

4/5 stars

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