Friday 30 July 2021

Book Review | Life Sucks After You Die by Crystal-Rain Love | prettylittlewriter

'All Danni Keller wanted to do was go to a bar and drown her sorrows in some alcohol, but she managed to get attacked by an incubus. Now she's being guarded by a hunky but oh so irritating vampire (who bit her too) while the incubus stalks her.

Being guarded by the sexy vampire probably wouldn't be that bad if not for the fact her perfect boss has finally noticed her. Try dating while a vampire guards you way too closely and an incubus tracks your every move, waiting to pounce.

Then there's some creepy hunter guy who also wants to kill Danni.

The sun wants to kill her. 
Human food wants to kill her.
Don't even get her started on her family.

Life sucks after you die.

Now this is a novel I really sank my teeth into (pun intended!).

Crystal-Rain grabbed my attention straight away with the gorgeous and charming character of Rider, a man that I wish existed in real life. I normally like a bit of a bad boy in my books, however, Rider truly was a gentleman towards every single woman he met (unless they betrayed him), and he was a badass when it came to protected our main character.


Danni is a difficult character to grasp. Sometimes, she can seem like a spoilt and selfish person, but then you meet her family, and you understand why she might act this way, since her family treat her like absolute shit and make her feel small and incomparable to them.

She also acts incredibly ungrateful, as although she was turned into a Vampire by Rider without her full consent (she had no idea what he meant when he asked if she wanted to die or to live), he did save her life, and gave her a second chance, which she never really thanked him for.


Danni is also extremely self-conscious and self-deprecating. She constantly belittles herself and doesn’t see why anyone, especially someone as handsome as Rider or Selander Ryan, would be interested in her. It was frustrating to me that every single time Rider complimented her or said how much he cared for her, she batted it off with an insult.


The character of Selander Ryan was interesting. I could picture both him and Rider incredibly well (definitely fancied Rider more as I prefer dark haired men) and their rivalry led to some very intriguing and clever scenes.


The only issue I really had with this novel is that the final few chapters, where the ‘epic battle’ and resolutions happened, were a little anti-climactic.

I felt like it ended way too easily.


Overall, it’s a brilliant take on Vampires, and incorporating Succubus/Incubus was something I have yet to read elsewhere.

I would highly recommend this book, and I’m super excited to continue reading the series!


(The series is free with Amazon Kindle Unlimited, which you can currently get a 3 month free trial of).


4.5 out of 5 stars

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