Thursday 2 September 2021

Book Review | Have You Seen Me? by Alexandrea Weis | prettylittlewriter

 This YA thriller had me hooked until the very end. 


‘Lindsey Gillett is missing.
And she’s not the first girl at Waverly High to vanish without a trace.

To help cope with the tragedy, new history teacher Aubrey LaRoux organizes a student investigation team. But when the project’s key members start turning up dead across campus, Aubrey suspects there’s more going on than anyone is willing to admit.

The murdered students all had something in common with Lindsey. They shared a secret. And what they uncovered could threaten the future of the historic school.’

First of all, thank you so much to Vesuvian Books and Black Crow PR for sending me this absolutely gorgeous ARC copy of the novel, with a matt finish that felt so soft to the touch, I think it is my favourite ARC I’ve ever received. It even has a stunning illustration for each chapter header, which I love.


Secondly, this is the first novel by Alexandrea Weis that I have read, and I can honestly say, it will not be my last. Her writing style is brilliant, she keeps you invested in each character and the story, with an increasing sense of danger as the novel progresses.

Think teen slasher set in an elite boarding school; a murder mystery filled with passion, drama and a whole lot of murder. If you know me at all, you’ll know how much I love a horror movie or crime/thriller novel.


The main character, Aubrey LaRoux, is a very likeable and relatable character. The bullying she endured during her school years, at the hands of one of the girls that previously went missing, resonated with me, and I really did feel for her immensely.

I felt pride in her ability to teach at the school, and the way she handled herself with the students, she really is a brilliantly well-developed character.

At one point in the novel, I did suspect that Aubrey could have been involved with the disappearances, but it soon became clear that she was as desperate to help figure out what had happened to the missing girls as the students were.

Aubrey is also not afraid to say what she really thinks most of the time, especially with Headmaster Probst, who runs the school in a way that Aubrey does not agree with. When the authorities start having to get involved with each new disappearance creating more danger, Probst no longer seems up to the job.

There was also a little bit of romance towards the end of the novel, with the introduction of Sherriff Mason, who is dreamy AF.  


The students that Aubrey teams up with, Lindsey’s friends, are your typical high school students, lots of drama revolving around them, with lots of secrets and lies. I do think that they each had their hearts in the right place however, as they all just wanted to find their friend, Lindsey.


Although I would characterise this novel as a YA one, there were some very gruesome parts throughout! I genuinely couldn’t believe how horrific some of the scenes played out, with one in particular involving a scythe; I think I’ve said enough!


I did have a slight inkling about the plot twists that happen towards the end of the novel, but it wasn’t a case of it being obvious in the writing, as Weis throws a couple of spanners in the works, and there were some parts that I did NOT expect at all.


All in all, I enjoyed this novel IMMENSELY, and I hope that Weis has a sequel lined up!


5/5 stars!

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