Monday 16 May 2022

Book Review | The Duke & I by Julia Quinn | prettylittlewriter


‘When Daphne Bridgerton enters society to find herself a husband, no one seems to fit her mould. They’re either too old, too ugly or too persistent. Until she meets her Eldest brother’s best friend, The Duke of Hastings.

Simon has never wanted to marry, and most certainly never wants to have children. His past with his evil Father has solidified that. But when he meets Daphne Bridgerton, with a plan for a fake betrothal in action, marriage doesn’t seem to be that terrible of an idea. But when his beliefs have been so strong since a young boy, can Daphne really change that?’

Okay so I’m obsessed with the Netflix adaptation of Bridgerton, and my obsession borderlines unhealthy (I’ve bought special edition books/bookmarks/candles etc and I really need to stop!). So of course, I had to start reading the series, to see just how different the novels are from the TV show.

There were some great scenes within the book that would have been lovely in the show, including my favourite interaction between Hyacinth & Simon at the promenade, where he teases her and gallantly offers to place his shirt on the ground so she doesn’t have to walk through puddles (adorable).

The sex scenes were also brilliant, and although we got a lot of it in the show, it was definitely more graphic within the novel.

Simon is a brilliant character, he certain knows how to give Daphne what she desires (even when she doesn't known it!) and I enjoyed delving into his past a lot more than what the TV show does (his Father really was an arsehole).

Daphne on the other hand, I found to be petulant and very childish at points, and I felt like Simon should definitely have left her to it! (Daphne in the TV show, I adore).

There was also a rather questionable scene, that was definitely changed slightly for the better in the TV show, but it is still NOT acceptable under any circumstances, no matter whether it is a male or female doing it. I have seen a lot of people that really have hated this book due to this scene, but I’ve personally skipped over it and haven’t rated it as low as others because I still enjoyed the rest of the novel.

I do think this novel is slightly more dumbed down (speech-wise between the characters especially) than other regency era novels I’ve read, and I found myself skimming through some parts of the novel to get to the most interesting bits.

Overall, I did enjoy the read and I will continue to read the series, but I definitely enjoy the TV show more, so I’m very happy with what Shondaland has created!

3.5/5 stars

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