Wednesday 15 June 2022

Book Review | Family of Liars by e. lockhart | prettylittlewriter

'A windswept private island off the coast of Massachusetts.

A hungry ocean, churning with secrets and sorrow.
A fiery, addicted heiress. An irresistible, unpredictable boy.
A summer of unforgivable betrayal and terrible mistakes.

Welcome back to the Sinclair family.
They were always liars.'
E. Lockhart has done it again. This is yet another jaw-dropping story about the Sinclair family, but surrounding the parents of the Liars in the first novel, in their adolescence. In We Were Liars, the parents of the young ones, seemed like terrible people, constantly bickering and being absolutely ridiculous over who can have what from their late mother’s belongings. In Family of Liars, we are introduced to the bond they had as children/teenagers, and what they went through which influenced how they are in the first novel.
There are 3 shocking revelations, the first one is very sad, the 2nd not sad in the slightest and not a huge surprise, but the third, however not as big a shock as the main twist in We Were Liars, was still very impressive and unexpected.

I have mixed feelings about the sisters, with Penny being very selfish and downright vindictive towards Carrie at times, and Carrie can also seem quite selfish and although she has her reasons for being upset, it is not a reason for being mean to her sisters, especially her younger sisters Rosemary and Bess.

Their Uncle brings along his children and three boys to the island, Cousin Yardley’s boyfriend George, and two of his friends. Their arrival stirs up emotions in Carrie that she has never experienced before, including passion and obsessiveness when she starts falling for one of the boys, Pfeff.
Pfeff is an arrogant type, who seems to be able to charm absolutely everyone, no matter who they are and what resistance they put to him. His use of the word ‘please’ was infuriating, and if you read the novel, you’ll understand why.

When we start getting to the gritty part of Carrie’s story, to find out what really happened that summer, I couldn’t put the book down. I was kept on the edge of my seat the whole time, reading as fast as I could so I could find out how it ends.
Again we have the same short snappy sentences and chapters which help keep your attention and wanting to read ‘just one more chapter’.
We also have similar fairytale stories from Carrie as in We Were Liars, to slowly help tell her story.

Overall I absolutely loved it, and although not quite as big a revelation, I was still thoroughly impressed and enjoyed the story immensely!

4.5/5 stars

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