Wednesday 14 September 2022

Book Review | Shake It Up, Beverley by Suzan Holder | prettylittlewriter

‘Beverley Wilson has always loved the Beatles but kissing a poster goodnight isn’t really an option when you’re a fifty-something mum of three. So when she decides it’s time to get back into the dating game, she turns to a dating agency for help.
But the long and winding road to real love is littered with dating disasters – the pantyhose pervert being the real low point and in Bev’s opinon it’s all too much. But meeting fellow Beatles fan Scott Smith changes everything…

The pure nostalgia in this novel is incredible. If you’re a Beatles fan, or from Liverpool, this will be a delight!

When Suzan offered to send me a copy of her first novel, I was very excited as I love anything that surrounds music and dating. But I had no idea just how hilarious the book was going to be! There are some absolutely hilarious anecdotes from Beverley, and I just loved her passion for her Beatles, especially Paul!

As someone who admires and loves a couple of celebrities TO DEATH, I understand her passion!


I loved that Beverley was over 50; there certainly aren’t enough books out there written from that perspective, so it was very refreshing! She is a wonderful and hilarious person, with an unintentional comedic personality, that I just kept giggling to myself throughout.

Poor Bev had been through the ringer; her life is turned upside down by not one, but two traumatic events within the novel, and you really do feel terrible for her!

Without going into too much detail as I wouldn’t wish to spoil it for any potential readers, but I will say that I am certainly glad she manages to have a happy ending, even if the journey was a bit of a Helter Skelter!

A special little cameo from Sir Paul McCartney himself was also a lovely little treat!


Overall I thought this was a lovely, heart-warming and hilarious novel full of quips and brilliantly clever references to The Beatles throughout! I'm looking forward to reading Suzan's next novel, that has recently been published, Rock 'n' Rose. 

4/5 stars

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