Monday 13 March 2023

Book Review | The Great Godden by Meg Rosoff | prettylittlewriter

Everyone talks about falling in love like it’s the most miraculous, life-changing thing in the world. Something happens, they say, and you know …

That’s what happened when I met Kit Godden.

I looked into his eyes and I knew.

Only everyone else knew too. Everyone else felt exactly the same way.’

This was my last book for February, I picked it up as it’s a nice short read.

There were some incredibly intense family dynamics within this book, including that between Kit & Hugo, and it was interesting how our main character remained anonymous in terms of name and gender. Personally I chose to interpret them as female, a young girl who started falling for the charm of Kit, much like Mattie.

I enjoyed the storyline, it felt similar to We Were Liars, but with more intense one-on-one relationship drama, rather than a running drama within the entire family.

I liked that the MC had some reserve when it came to Kit, they knew that he was bad news, and she resisted him a lot at first, but eventually succumbed to his charms as does everyone it seems, that meet him. However, the author did throw in something that Kit had previously done (groomed a 12 year old) which I didn’t think was necessary to the story (apart from making Kit a predator, not just a manipulating scumbag).

Hugo’s character was one I struggled with. I wanted to like him, with his broody behaviour and shy persona, I wanted him to bond with our MC and come out of his shell, for them to then be together. However, his warnings to our MC to stay away from Kit were very subdued, he may as well have not said anything, as it made no difference. He knew everything that Kit had done, so he should have just told our MC exactly what he’d done, and I’m sure she would have steered WAY clear, and may have been able to warn the rest of the family.

The big reveal of the twist was also somewhat disappointing. I was hoping for a bit more drama, maybe a murder? But the actual twist was something I managed to predict a few chapters before it happened, and it just fell a little flat. Within a few pages, it was over and done with, and I think it could have been fleshed out a lot more.

It seemed like the author just wanted to tell a quick story about toxic relationships and to pinpoint a particularly toxic character, rather than making the story really count for something.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, and it’s a nice and quick read, but it’s not a book I’m necessarily going to be recommending to others.

3/5 stars

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