Friday 13 March 2015

Review | Lush Immaculate Eggception Bath Bomb | prettylittlewriter

I've had a particularly stressful week due to University deadlines and such, therefore I wanted to treat myself to a Lush bath, and so I thought I'd try out one of the new Easter products.

I decided upon the Immaculate Eggception Bath Bomb which promises a little surprise within!

Much like the Love Locket Bath Bomb around Valentine's Day, this bath bomb is larger than the standard Lush bath bombs, however, that is due to it containing a miniature bath bomb inside. 

It can contain either a bunny rabbit or a chick, and mine contained a gorgeous little chick which I set aside for another bath time.

I dropped in the two halves of the bigger portion of the bath bomb, and the immediate effect was gorgeous! A thrilling fuchsia colour erupted creating swirly patterns and a lovely view.

It left my bath water a lovely pink shade, however I will say I didn't scrub my bath first so it did stain it a little. 
The scent was also really nice, will vanilla extract, lemon oil and grapefruit oil, it is a really fresh and fruity scent.

You can purchase the Immaculate Eggception bath bomb, along with the other Easter products from

Have you tried the Immaculate Eggception bath bomb? If so what are your thoughts? And what are your favourite products out of the collection?

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