Tuesday 21 April 2015

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Now, those of you that know me well, or are a regular reader of my blog (I thank you kindly if you are), you will know how much I love Lush products.

Recently though, I've had a couple of instances where I was a little less than impressed with a product I received.

The product in question is the Immaculate Eggception Bath Bomb in Yellow. In the first instance, I'd ordered quite a few of the Easter products from the website, and upon receiving them, the Immaculate Eggception bomb was broken into pieces.

The second instance with the same product was after being sent a replacement; I placed the bomb into my bath water and it terribly stained not only my bathtub, but my skin too.
I had to thoroughly scrub my skin with a body brush to get the yellow patches of dye off of me, and then scrub the bathtub with bleach to remove those stains.

In both these instances however, I have received such amazing and helpful customer service from the Lush customer care team.
With the broken bath bomb I received, I emailed the care team an image of the product and asked what they could do for me. They very kindly suggested a replacement be sent or a refund for that specific product. I chose the replacement as I really wanted to use the item.
Again, with the second instance of my stained skin, I took a picture of my skin before scrubbing the dye off to send to their care team via email, informing them of my turmoil. 
They got back to me the next day apologising for the problem occurring and I helped them out by sending them my order details and giving them a description of what happened. They informed me that with each batch, they mix the products with fresh ingredients, therefore the dye used in this bath bomb may not have been fully established correctly.

In a very generous and heart-warming gesture, they offered to send me some products that would help me if this instance ever occurred again, with some others that are great for sensitive skin. 

The following images are the items they sent me.

 Butterball bathbomb

 Amandopondo Bubble Bar

I thought this was a very courteous thing for them to do, and I cannot fault them in any way for their incredible customer service. They really do care for their customers, and are willing to help you out in any way they can.

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Facebook - Lush Cosmetics

Have you ever had great customer service from Lush? If so, I'm sure they would appreciate you letting them know how happy you were with this care :)

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