Monday 26 September 2016

Lush Winter '16 | prettylittlewriter

With this time of year comes something truly special, the leaves change, turning into incredibly beautiful colours, the air turns crisp and the cosy jumpers come out. 
But something else arrives, something that smells sweet and warm, and gives you that tingly sensation of happiness; and that is the Lush Winter products!

As you can see, I went a little crazy, but that's purely because I visited the Lush store in Oxford Street on my trip to London last week! 
First up are the Halloween products that look incredible! I love the new addition of the Pumpkin bath bomb, he's so cute! And not forgetting my old favourite; Sparkly Pumpkin!

Next up are the Christmas products, my favourites here are the Satsuma Bath Bomb and the So White Bath Bomb! I love that they have made some slight additions to So White, the effect they have in your bath water is gorgeous!

So white bath bomb in action above

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