Monday 7 June 2021

Book Review | The Disappearing Act by Catherine Steadman | prettylittlewriter

 This read was an unexpected contender for my favourite book of this year so far.

'Mia Eliot is a British actress, famous for starring in an adaptation of Jane Eyre. She’s always wanted to make it in Hollywood. During pilot season, her agent fixes her up with a 3-week trip across the pond for some very promising auditions. At one of the auditions, she meets Emily, another out-of-towner actress, and they immediately bond. However, after Mia does an odd favour for Emily, Emily disappears.
Perplexed, Mia doesn’t quite know what to do...until Emily shows up at her rented condo the next night. But the woman on her doorstep isn't the Emily she met at the audition, and now Mia realises something strange is going on. Can she figure it out without getting in too deep? Or is it already too late for that?'

What I loved about this novel is that it went straight into a bit of drama. Mia has a pretty harsh break up before she heads off to Hollywood, and the way it went down really made me feel for her. 
The fact that the author is also an actress really helped set the scene for Mia; Steadman has done a great job of fleshing out the characters and locations, it was also interesting to get a behind scenes look at Hollywood and the audition process, knowing absolutely nothing myself about it.

I was also in suspense throughout every single chapter, which helped me get through this book in just a couple of days. I was hooked!

There were plenty of twists and turns all through the novel, keeping me on my toes. I did NOT guess the ending, which I always enjoy as it means it was well plotted. 

The only negative thought I have is that Mia was incredibly naïve. In the real world, I'm sure she would have simply taken the car keys and wallet to the police and let them handle it.

Overall, I really enjoyed and was very impressed.

This novel is being released in the UK on the 24th June 2021, so keep your eyes peeled for it, or pre-order now, definitely worth it!

4/5 stars.

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