Friday 11 June 2021

Book Review | Five Minds by Guy Morpuss | prettylittlewriter

 I was so lucky to have been given access to an eARC via Netgalley of Five Minds, and I have to say, it is the BEST novel I have read so far this year.

'Earth has been severely overpopulated, so new rules have been put in place to establish control. At the age of 17, everyone must make a choice that will give them a certain lifespan, and lifestyle. One of those options is a Commune, 5 minds within 1 body. 

Alex, Kate, Sierra, Ben and Mike are a commune. They have spent 25 years together so far, but something isn't right. Someone is trying to kill off members of their commune. And when the 5 minds cannot see what the others are doing, it makes it very difficult to catch the killer..'
Challenging and brutal competitions, untrustworthy viewpoints and a lot of drama, Guy has created an incredibly clever and highly unique story, which I could not put down.

The games within Death Park were written incredibly well and were very, very clever; I was eagerly trying to solve them myself alongside the characters. Each character also had their own distorted perspective, which created a blend of chaos when trying to figure out who the killer really was.

The concept itself is very thought-provoking, what would you choose, if you had to? I took the personality test on Guy's website ( and got Worker, which is not much different to real life, but I told myself I think I'd choose to be a Hedonist, live the life of luxury and die happily at 42 (actually living that would probably give me a completely different perspective though). 
I certainly would never have chosen Commune, especially after reading this book!

The ending was something I did NOT see coming, which I absolutely loved. Being able to figure something out before it happens is great, but it also can be a bit anti-climactic, whereas this ending was very much a surprise!

An incredibly well written, thoughtful and inspiring debut novel from Guy, it absolutely blew my mind!

Will be recommending to everyone!

5/5 stars!

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