Sunday 27 February 2022

Book Review | A Fatal Crossing by Tom Hindle | prettylittlewriter

'November 1924. The Endeavour sets sail to New York with 2,000 passengers - and a killer - on board . . .
When an elderly gentleman is found dead at the foot of a staircase, ship's officer Timothy Birch is ready to declare it a tragic accident. But James Temple, a strong-minded Scotland Yard inspector, is certain there is more to this misfortune than meets the eye.
Birch agrees to investigate, and the trail quickly leads to the theft of a priceless painting. Its very existence is known only to its owner . . . and the dead man.
With just days remaining until they reach New York, and even Temple's purpose on board the Endeavour proving increasingly suspicious, Birch's search for the culprit is fraught with danger.
And all the while, the passengers continue to roam the ship with a killer in their midst . . .'

This is a novel that kept me guessing the entire way through, with many different suspects and plenty of motives, I definitely didn't pick up on who the killer was.

A 'locked room' mystery, there's no escape for any of the characters (although Policeman Temple managed to hide from Birch quite well at times). 

There are some truly exquisite descriptions of the rooms on the boat, with the dining room being one of the main focuses of the novel due to an argument that takes place within it. 

I was very sympathetic for Birch throughout, having lost his daughter and his wife shunning him, it must have been very difficult for him to board the boat that he felt had lost him his family in the first place.

The story is a slow burn, but with enough intrigue that it kept you interested, and it finishes with a very clever plot twist. 

Definitely recommend this novel to any Agatha Christie fans, it reads quite similar to her books and it is a very typical murder mystery!

4/5 stars

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