Friday 18 February 2022

Book Review | It Must Be Love by Caroline Khoury | prettylittlerwriter

This is a romance novel with something very special.

‘When Abbie met Oz, they were young, idealistic students from different backgrounds, but their connection was unmistakable. Then Oz went home to Istanbul and life moved on.
Now Abbie is with the man she thinks she's going to spend the rest of her life with, until she meets Oz again - a chance encounter that might change everything.
They find themselves drawn to each other once more, but have commitments, jobs and families that take priority, and too much time has passed, hasn't it?
Abbie and Oz are about to find out that no matter how many miles and obstacles are between them, fate might just have another plan, and that their love story isn't over yet.’

The fact that Abbie and Oz had only spent a total of 14 days together, but they loved each other with such force that they were brought together by divine intervention many times, is just absolutely stunning and lovely. They are the true definition of soulmates, and that even though life might take you away from each other, you will forever be linked.

I absolutely loved Oz’ character and the incorporation of his nationality, I really enjoyed being taken to many different places across the world, including Istanbul, and I really felt like I was there watching them! Liz (Abbie’s best friend) was also a brilliantly funny and great friend to Abbie, and she also added a level of reality into the novel with the reality of post-partum depression.

There are some real heart-breaking moments throughout, and I was very close to tears a lot of the time. I also found myself getting so frustrated as I desperately wanted Abbie and Oz to be together, but literally everything kept getting in the way!

The ending was lovely, and I was very pleased with it.

I honestly couldn’t fault this novel at all, so romantic and sweet and just plain lovely. I highly recommend to any romance fan!

5/5 stars

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