Friday 15 April 2022

Book Review | The Birdcage by Eve Chase | prettylittlewriter

Thank you so much to Hanifa from Penguin Michael Joseph for sending me a copy of this gorgeous novel to read and review!

‘Kat, Flossie and Lauren are half-sisters who share a famous artist father - and a terrible secret.
Each has found their way of burying it. Over the years they've grown apart, and into wildly different lives. But an invitation to Rock Point, the Cornish cliff house where they once sat for their father's most celebrated painting, Girls with Birdcage, reunites them.
Rock Point is a beautiful, windswept place, thick with secrets, electrically charged with the one subject the family daren't discuss. And there is someone in the shadows watching the house, their every move. Someone who remembers the girls in the painting. What they did.
The sisters must unlock the truth to set themselves free - and find each other again.’

This book had me hooked from the start. With a dark secret between the sisters, and a dual timeline keeping us guessing what each of them know, I was desperate to unravel the mystery and it kept me up till the early hours reading most nights!

Most of the characters I did find unlikeable in some way (bar Lauren, she is very sincere and kind). Kat & Flora seemed very cruel in some ways, as you will discover when you read the novel, and this made me not care about them as much as I did Lauren, however, as we learn more about their lives through their chapters, I did warm to them more.

Their Father, Charlie, is a ladies man, with each daughter being to a different woman (I'm never a fan of a man-whore!), however, he does show how much he loves each daughter individually throughout the story and you see he is a devoted Father.

My favourite character was probably Bertha the Grey African Parrot, and I do wish she’d had a little bit more of a role within the story (she was very entertaining!).

Angie was probably my least favourite character from the beginning, but by the end of the novel, she does have a little bit of redemption.

There are quite a few secrets that are gradually unearthed, in which some of them I did guess, and it kept you wondering just what else the characters could be hiding (especially Charlie, his secrets seemed never-ending).

There are many emotional moments within the novel, with Lauren suffering from Anxiety/PTSD from an incident that happened in 1999, and between each sister when they discuss their own personal lives. It made me long to dive into the book and give each girl a cuddle! The reveal of the main secret is also quite a sad and emotional moment, which although I had guessed what had happened, it still made me tear up.

Eve Chase has created an encapsulating and enthralling story with a brilliant ensemble cast, and if you’re looking to dive in to a family drama/mystery novel, then I highly recommend this!

4/5 stars

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