Thursday 7 April 2022

Book Review | They All Lied by Louise Phillips | prettylittlewriter

Thank you so much Louise for sending me a copy of your book to read and review!


‘When Nadine Fitzmaurice, a manager in an insurance company, gets a distressed phone call from her eighteen-year-old daughter, Becca, telling her she's killed someone, Nadine's life is turned upside down. Now Becca is being held against her will and, determined to save her daughter, Nadine finds herself dragged into the underworld of organised crime - and under the scrutiny of Detective Sergeant Wren Moore.
But the more Nadine gets sucked in by those holding Becca, elements of her past, and a 'TRUTH or DARE' game that went terribly wrong years before, come to the surface. Eighteen years earlier, teenager, Evie Nolan went missing. She never came home.’

This is the first novel that I’ve read by Louise, and I wasn’t disappointed! A thrilling and encapsulating read, with some absolutely brilliant twists and turns!


The character of Nadine is so well written, with so many intricate details that I found myself unsure whether I could believe her side of the story. When she receives a call from her daughter saying she had killed someone, I was even questioning whether she had imagined the entire phone call! However, this phone call triggers a sequence of events that send Nadine spiralling into dangerous territory, including committing crimes. I often found myself questioning Nadine’s brother Gavin also, with something feeling very sketchy about him.


I was absolutely hooked throughout, unable to put the book down even if it was midnight and I had work the next day!


I was also unable to keep my mouth from gaping open at the twists within this book; each one had me thoroughly impressed with Louise’s writing, and left me questioning my sanity in places.


Overall, I was really impressed with this novel, and I now want to read Louise’s previous novels!


4/5 stars

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