Tuesday 2 September 2014

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If you're a regular reader of my blog, or you know me IRL, you will know how much I love Disney. It is basically my life; my true love. 
One thing I love the most about Disney movies is the soundtracks.

So for this week's Top 5 Tuesday I thought I'd share with you my favourite Disney songs.

1. Hercules - I Won't Say I'm in Love

This is my all time favourite Disney song, EVER. I love this song so much because it depicts my own feelings about love and heartbreak. I never like to admit when I like someone, even more so when I'm in love with someone. So Meg's beautiful solo truly understands my own thoughts.

2. Hercules - Go the Distance

Yes, it's from Hercules again. I think I love the songs more than I love the movie, but not by much! This song is incredibly beautiful and poetic. It really makes you think about your own life and how the lyrics apply to you. Roger Bart has an amazing voice and truly makes you care for Hercules and his struggle.

3. Mulan - I'll Make a Man Out of You

This is such a sassy song in my opinion. It is one of the funniest Disney songs there is, especially when the character of Ling sings 'boy was I a fool in school for cutting gym.'
Whenever I hear thing song it makes me want to watch the movie.

4. Lion King 2 - Love Will Find a Way

Bringing out my romantic side, this song truly gives me hope for love. It's all about how when you love someone, you can overcome any obstacle together. This is also my favourite of the Lion King movies, I prefer it to the first (don't hate me).

5. Frozen - In Summer

It has been very difficult choosing a song from Frozen as my favourite, but my love for Olaf has pushed me in this direction. In Summer is such a fun song and Josh Gadd's voice is amazing. My favourite line has to be 'Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in summer and I'll be a .... happy snowman!'

I also have another song I want to add in here, and as it isn't a Disney song so it doesn't count towards the top 5 (I'm cheating I know ^_^).

This is my Idea from The Swan Princess.

I know all the words and love singing to this! It is such a fun song and absolutely hilarious; from 'If you make me kiss her hand again I swear I'm gonna be sick' to the beautiful chorus between Odette and Derek 'Til now I never knew, it is you I've been dreaming of'. It is such an amazing movie and I could watch it over and over again.

Okay so it was really hard to pick a top 5 out of all the fabulous Disney songs out there, but there we have it. 

What are your favourite Disney songs? :)

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  1. OMG Hercules I won't say I am in love is my all time favorite Disney Song as well. Then its the Little Mermaid Part Of Your World & I'll make a man out of you Mulan.