Monday 24 November 2014

20 More Facts About Me | prettylittlewriter

1. I am related to the Royal Family (eg. Prince William!)
2. My weirdest male celebrity crush is probably Chris O'Dowd
3. I have an obsession with collecting Disney pyjamas
4. My favourite book is The Great Gatsby
5. My favourite book series would The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
6. The most expensive clothing item I own would be a pair of Floral Dr Martens
7. I love Halloween more than Christmas
8. I'm aspiring to be an author in the future, and hopefully take blogging and journalism further as a career
9. My birthday is 21st March
10. I have a memory box where I keep random things that have memories attached to them
11. My favourite horror/thriller movies are Prom Night and House at the End of the Street
12. I dream of moving to America one day, either LA or Nashville
13. My favourite drink is Mango juice
14. If I had to only live with one piece of technology in my life, I would choose my laptop
15. I have a solid collection of soft toys, ranging from Harry Potter to Disney, ET to Powerpuff Girls
16. I have a Stitch (Lilo & Stitch) onesie
17. I have a niece who is older than me
18. I used to be blonde
19. My favourite ROMCOM is Bridesmaids
20. I collect empty make up/perfume boxes (don't ask)



  1. Wow you have quite the selection of facts! How are you related to the Royal Family? Also, I completely I love Bridesmaids. Please go and check out my blog follow if you like it xx

    1. I am very distantly related, William is my 9th Cousin twice removed or something! :)