Sunday 16 August 2015

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Recently, Lush announced they were releasing some new products online and in stores that could originally only be bought from the London Oxford Street store.
As soon as the products were released online, I placed an order to get the new products that interested me the most.

This shower cream is the same scent as the hugely popular Comforter Bubble Bar, deliciously fruity and sweet, reminds me of liquorice!

Flamingo Reusable Bubble Bar. This cute little bar of delight smells sweet and floral, and has a slight orange colour peeking out so you may get a little surprise when using it!

This gorgeous looking bath bomb, Skydancer, is in support of tagging Hen Harrier Chicks so they can be tracked at all times. A lot have been going missing for a variety of reasons, and we are trying to save them from extinction, therefore tracking them allows us to know where they are.
This bath bomb is seriously impressive once popped in the bath, I think it may be my new favourite!

Karma Bubble Bar. I have featured this on my blog before, but as I was seriously impressed by it, I had to purchase a new one. The scent is sweet orange and patchouli, and it leaves your bath water a gorgeous purple shade. 
Check out my previous post on this product here.

Frozen Bath Bomb. LET IT GO LET IT GO (into the baaathh!) Okay, so I was seriously excited when I heard Lush were creating a bath bomb in honour of Disney's Frozen, and they certainly haven't disappointed! The scent of neroli and rose oil, this bath bomb creates a sense of being within the icy seas of the Frozen world, and with my love for everything Disney anyway, I am truly impressed!

The Experimenter is one of the most impressive new bath bombs in Lush's summer collection. Containing popping candy and vanilla absolute for a delicious scent, you will not want to miss watching this bomb unfold!

Granny Takes A Dip bubble bar. Unfortunately for us, the bath bomb of the same name has been discontinued, but lucky for us Lush decided to turn the same fragrance and cool appearance into a bubble bar. You will get more use out of the bubble bar than you would have the bath bomb, and it still creates the same psychedelic effect in your bath water.

And last but not least is the Intergalactic Bath bomb. Silly me forgot to take a proper picture of this bomb, so I've cropped one of the entire collection, so I apologise for the rubbish quality of this image! 
Peppermint and popping candy helps create a thrilling bath experience, taking you on a trip into space from the comfort of your own bathroom!

You can purchase these items from any Lush store and on their website

So those are the products I have purchased from the new summer collection, I am truly impressed with them all and I cannot wait to start using them!

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