Thursday 8 October 2015

Autumn Decor Wishlist | prettylittlewriter

Autumn is the time of year that really turns a house into a home. 
Bringing out the cosy blankets, soft cushions and candlelight, along with snuggly sweaters, cosy socks and hot chocolate. It truly is an incredible season.

In my current situation (living with my boyfriends parents and only having a tiny bedroom to decorate) it is hard to bring Autumn to life in my abode.
However, I thought I would create a little wishlist of items I would love to have in my future home at this time of year!
A lot of the products are from Pottery Barn in the USA, however, they ship internationally at reasonable prices, so you won't miss out!

First up are these absolutely gorgeous pumpkin decorations! I love the design on the orange and white ones, and I think you can pop candles or lights in them! And the silver sparkly ones on the right remind me of Cinderella, and would look absolutely stunning next to a fireplace. 

Next up is this gorgeous falling leaves cushion. The design is absolutely stunning, I love the effect of the falling leaves, perfect for Autumn as the leaves fall off the trees in these lovely colours. Also from Pottery Barn.

Then there is the stunning Autumn wreath. I found this through Etsy, and I love that they have incorporated some gold leaves into it, and also entwined them with lights! It looks so cosy and pretty.

This gorgeous tree you may recognise if you are a fan of Zoella; she has this in her home at this time of year and it is frequently seen in her Autumnal videos. I think it is a beautiful item to decorate your home with, I would never have thought to have a tree for Autumn, but I really love this! You can purchase this from Next.

It wouldn't be Autumn without some form of woodland creature, and my favourite at the moment are Foxes. For christmas, I already have a couple of Reindeer statues made from the same material as the fox you see above (, but it always makes me sad when I have to put them away after the season is over. Therefore having a fox with no relation to Christmas seems appropriate to have in the home all year round. 
The coasters are made from real wood, available from Amazon, and would be a cute addition to any coffee table.

And last but not least are these two items. The pumpkin cushion cover is adorable, perfect for Autumn, especially Halloween, and I love the paint brush effect of the design. The fruit basket on the other hand, can be used all year round, and I love the vintage wheelbarrow shape of it. It's so cute! These are both from Pottery Barn.

So there you have it, my favourite Autumnal decorations that I would love to have in my future home! Have you changed any rooms in your home for the Autumn season? I would love to see!

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