Monday 12 October 2015

Halloween Playlist | prettylittlewriter

With Halloween fast approaching, I have been listening to A LOT of Halloween music. 
From Michael Jackson to the Backstreet Boys, these songs always get me in the Halloween spirit! 

These are my top five songs for the holiday!

5. This is Halloween - Nightmare Before Christmas

Let's face it, we all know there had to be a Disney song in here, it is me after all. This song completely describes Halloween to a T, and listening to this track always get me in the Halloween spirit. 

4. Feed My Frankenstein - Alice Cooper

There are a lot of Alice Cooper songs that are great for Halloween, but as this one is about a particular monster, and relating to the monster within that we 'feed' (especially at Halloween) it is perfect for this time of year. 
I love how old school it sounds too!

3. Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell

This song is so creep-tastic! I find this an incredibly fun song to sing and dance to, and really makes me want to party any time I hear it! I also love how it mentions the classic Hitchcock movie, Psycho.

2. Everybody - Backstreet Boys

The video to this song just screams Halloween. It starts out like a horror movie, with the Backstreet Boys turning into Vampires, Werewolves, the Phantom of the Opera, Mummies and Lizard men. It is such a fun video to watch, and I just love the beat. It makes me want to dance!

1. Thriller - Michael Jackson

Now this is the epitome of Halloween music. This classic MJ song is creepy yet fun, it can get anyone up on the dancefloor at a party. The video always used to creep me out, the zombies were pretty scary! With the spooky narrator and MJ's fantastic voice, this song is always at the top of my list for Halloween songs!

Below is my Spotify Halloween playlist if anyone is interested in seeing what else I like to listen to at this time of year!


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