Monday 12 January 2015

Lush Valentine's Haul | prettylittlewriter

For me, Lush is at it's best with their spectacular and gorgeous Christmas products, and I highly believed they could not out-do themselves.
Luckily for me, and for all you Lush lovers out there, their Valentine's products are just as fabulous!

1. Floating Flower Bath Bomb.
This gorgeous bath bomb truly turns your bath into a wonderland. Watch as it spins around your bath water spreading gorgeous colours and delicious scents of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang.

2. Prince Charming Shower Gel.
This shower gel will always be there for you when you need that knight in shining armour. With mouth-watering scents such as marshmallow root and vanilla, you'll be left smelling good enough to eat!

3. Love Locket Bath Bomb. 
This bath bomb is large enough to use more than once, with a secret little bath bomb contained inside. Leaves your bath water a pretty pink colour, with little love heart petals floating around you.

4. Lonely Heart Bubble Bar.
With a delicious citrus scent, this bubble bar leaves your bath water glittering gold and a gorgeous rosy colour. It smells so good I picked up two!

5. Heart Throb Bubble Bar.
This bubble bar turns your bath water a thrilling valentine's red shade, containing moisturising shea butter to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth. A gorgeous vanilla scent too.

I also picked up the Grease Lightening spot treatment as I am currently having a breakout the size of a camp site on my face and have heard brilliant reviews of this product.

These products have impressed me a lot, and I cannot wait to use them all!
Unfortunately, Unicorn Horn was not available from the Lush store I visited today in Lincoln, however they informed me they will have more stock on Wednesday so I will definitely be visiting again soon.

Quick question for my readers, who would like to see individual reviews on each product as I use them? I'm thinking of doing so as these mini reviews don't do these gorgeous products justice!

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