Tuesday 13 January 2015

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About six months ago, I decided to purchase some Lush products to see what everyone was raving about, and my goodness, I've been missing out for so long!

Every single item that I have used has impressed me so far, therefore I am going to start doing a review on each product I use as I use them.

The first out of these reviews is one of Lush's new products for Valentine's Day, the Floating Flower bath bomb.

This bath bomb contains the scents of Jasmine absolute, Ylang Ylang oil and cypress oil. 

Once added to the water, I was expecting something beautiful, and I certainly wasn't disappointed! Five different colours (pink, yellow, orange, green and blue) expanded and left gorgeous swirly patterns within my bath water. 

After entering the bath water, the colours dispersed and left me in gorgeous rose coloured water with a white milky topping.

The only thing I will say about this product is that I was informed by the retail assistant who sold it to me that it was supposed to spin in the water, this did not happen in my case, I had to move the bomb around with my fingers to spread the colours.

Overall, I would give this bath bomb an 8/10 rating, the psychedelic patterns and milky finish really impressed me, along with the scent, however I was disappointed about the product not spinning!

This bath bomb retails at Lush Cosmetics for £3.50, a bargain for anyone who wishes to add a little spice to their bath time!
It can be purchased here or in your local Lush Cosmetics shop.

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