Thursday 15 January 2015

Review | Grease Lightning Spot Treatment | prettylittlewriter

Recently, I have been having a slight problem with my skin in that I constantly have spots. Whether they be small, blackheads, those painful ones that have no head to them or on random parts of my body.

The main part of my body they have been cropping up is the back of my neck, shoulder and high back area. I wouldn't class it as 'bacne', however it has become an annoying and itchy problem.

I have heard great reviews on Lush's Grease Lightning Spot Treatment, therefore when I visited my local Lush store, I had to pick it up.

 A gel consistency, this treatment is easy to apply to any area, whether that be on your face or like me, on other areas of the body, and it easily rubs into the skin. 

Now I have been using this product on my 'bacne' since monday, and it has almost all disappeared! I have had it for a few weeks now, and I am unsure on the cause of it, but this treatment has worked wonders!
I have also been applying it to spots on my face and although the ones on my temples aren't budging, those on my chin and forehead are slowly fading.

Therefore I would rate this product a 9/10 as the formulation and rate it works is brilliant, however for me it hasn't worked on every spot.

What are your experiences with Lush's Grease Lightning? 

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