Friday 2 January 2015

December Cosmetic Purchases | prettylittlewriter

Between buying gifts for friends and family, and pigging out of tons of food, December is a pretty bad month for spending money.

Impressively, I managed not to overspend this year and even had enough spare cash to purchase a few little make up treats for myself.

This little beauty gives your brows that much needed lift with a simple line of highlighter under the brows on the brow bone. The other side of the pen is the shade (dark brown) that gives your brows much more definition with only tiny strokes of the pen.

This brilliant mascara leaves your lashes looking super long and curled, high definition but with a natural final look.

This gorgeous bronzing powder comes in absolutely fabulous packaging. It includes a fancy looking brush with a gold handle and the powder comes in a cute little brown case.
A hefty price tag, but for such an amazing product it is truly worth it.

What make up/cosmetics purchases have you made recently?

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