Wednesday 2 September 2015

Review | The Experimenter Bath Bomb | prettylittlewriter

After purchasing the new summer range from Lush, I couldn't wait to start trying each product out. I enlisted my boyfriend to choose which product I should try first, and the Experimenter Bath Bomb caught his attention.

The colours the bomb created were incredible. It really was a beautiful thing to watch unfold. I loved that it left your bath water full of glitter, and the popping candy inside made the show so much fun! The only thing I am not a huge fan of is the colour your bath water ends up. Dark grey is quite boring compared to some of Lush's other products, however I guess that is the whole point of the Experimenter, to play around with all the different colours to see what it would create!

Overall I would give the Experimenter a 9/10, everything was beautiful except the grey bath water at the end!

What are your thoughts on this bath bomb?

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