Friday 25 September 2015

Zoella Beauty Winter Collection | prettylittlewriter

As a huge fan of Zoella (AKA Zoe Sugg), one of the most successful bloggers and Youtubers around, I was extremely excited to hear she was releasing some new products in time for Christmas.

It did not come as a surprise to me however, as anyone that follows Zoella will know she is an extremely festive person and loves everything Autumn and Winter.

Upon the release, I ordered myself three of the products that caught my eye the most.

First up is the trio of mini fizz bars. This comes with both of the original release bath fizzers with an added extra just for Christmas. This smells much warmer than the first two fragrances, which is no surprise as Zoe must have wanted it to have a more festive fragrance than the others.

Next is the All That Glimmers Fluffy Powder Puff with Dusting Shimmer. At first I was a little confused and thought Feel Unique hadn't packed my product properly as there was no powder to dab the puff in to. However, upon smelling the puff, I realised that the shimmer is embedded into the powder puff, with Zoella's signature fragrance from her original product release, and as you dab it over your skin, it leaves you with a gorgeous glitter/shimmer and smelling delicious.

And last but certainly not least, is my favourite, the Bath Bombinis. They have a very vintage feel to them, I love anything in cute little jars like this, and not to mention the added copper element of the bombinis themselves. They are absolutely adorable, and again, like the new fizz bar, they have more of a warm and festive scent. 
However I feel like I do not want to use these as the packaging is just too cute and I want to keep them!

They can be picked up through and most Superdrug stores and online.

So those are the products I ordered from her new range, I am hoping to receive some of the others as Christmas presents, there are plenty more to be collected!

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  1. I have to admit im not the biggest fan of Zoella but i do like the look of the bath fizzers x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave