Monday 14 September 2015

Review | Frozen Bath Bomb | prettylittlewriter

I have slowly been trying out each of the new summer Lush products, originally exclusive to the Oxford Street store.

Today I thought I would discuss my favourite one from the collection, the Frozen Bath Bomb.

As an avid Disney fan, I was incredibly excited to see that Lush had created a product in honour of one of the most popular Disney movies to date.
This bath bomb smells amazing, it has a very fresh and sweet scent and it leaves your bath water looking incredible. Not only does it create gorgeous winter & ice patterns, it also leaves your bath water a superb turquoise shade of blue.

You also end up with shimmering skin thanks to the lovely silver glitter contained within the bomb. It truly makes you feel like Elsa from Disney's Frozen!

I was honestly so impressed with this bath bomb, I will constantly be repurchasing it.
I would give it a 10/10 as there is literally nothing that disappoints me about this product, everything is amazing!

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