Thursday 24 September 2015

Skincare Favourites | prettylittlewriter

With the colder months approaching, it's easy to keep wrapped up warm with winter clothing and blankets, but how can you protect your skin from the damage the cold winter air can do?

Here are my favourite skincare products that help me keep my skin feeling fresh, soft and protected from the cold.

This is a brilliant product to apply all over your body to create a barrier from anything that may dry out your skin. I like to apply this straight after a shower and just before bed as the friction from tossing and turning in bed can irritate the skin. As I have Psoriasis, I find this works best by applying a generous amount to the areas affected, and following up with my steroid cream once the formula has had time to soak in to my skin.

This is my holy grail spot treatment gel. It comes in an easy to use pump spray, and only one pump is needed to cover any spots that you have upon your face. I used to have a lot of small spots on my forehead, but once I began using this treatment, they disappeared. I always turn to this product when I can feel a spot appearing.

This soft and delicious smelling cleanser is probably my all time favourite skincare product that I have ever purchased. At a hefty price of £38, I expected amazing things, and I certainly wasn't disappointed. A scent of orange, neroli and mandarin, this brilliant cleanser removes make up with ease and leaves your skin feeling super soft and smelling lovely. 
I turn to this product when I feel I am having a really bad skin day, it calms any redness I have, and minimises my pores.

Ever feel like your skin is looking dull and lifeless? This product will completely change that! I apply this about an hour before bedtime to allow it time to soak into my skin, and in the morning I can see a clear difference in texture and appearance of my skin. It looks 10 times healthier and feels much smoother and bouncier. This product uses Edelweiss stem cells, which is a natural skin enhancing ingredient, designed to help skin look younger and healthier. 

This is my go to product when I want a quick and easy way of removing my make up after a long day. Simply apply with a dry hands all over your face, and then wipe off with the cloth provided after soaking it in hot water. The heat from the cloth helps remove dirt and grime much easier than with cold water, and the formula of the product leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. At a reasonable price of £20.75 for this limited edition, this is a brilliant product to keep your skin feeling fresh.

If these products appeal to you, however the price tag does not, why not head over to Glossier's website. They do some amazing skincare products, such as the Balm Dotcom skin salve that helps repair and protect dry skin, and the Moisturising Moon mask that helps nourish skin and restore elasticity. 
With very reasonable price tags, these products are a brilliant, more affordable form of skincare.

What are your favourite skincare products? 


  1. Drops of Youth sounds absolutely incredible. Perfect for fall when I'm starting to feel a little dry and blah. I definitely want to try this product out!

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