Tuesday 15 September 2015

Yankee Candle Halloween Accessories | prettylittlewriter

Candles are my all time favourite thing when it comes to the Autumn and Winter months. So I was incredibly excited to see what Yankee Candle were releasing for their Halloween range.

However, I was disappointed to see that they had not released any new fragrances, and had even taken away my favourite from this years range. 
Last year I reviewed their Ghostly Treats candle, which you can check out in 2014's October Favourites and it is also included in my 2014 Halloween Decor post.
I absolutely loved this candle, and I was really hoping they were going to bring it back!

However, lucky for me, this scent is also known under another Yankee Candle name, Fireside Treats.

I absolute adore this scent, marshmallows and vanilla extract, it is a perfectly sweet fragrance, not sickly in the slightest. This to me is the perfect Autumn scent and reminds me of snuggling with a blanket by a fire pit, toasting marshmallows with friends and having a great time.

There are a couple of candle accessories from the Yankee Candle Halloween range that I really liked. This is the Black Cat Clinger, which simply hooks on to your jar candles by its paws and looks incredibly cute!

There are other accessories in the Halloween range, from more Black Cat products, to Spider Web candle holders, pumpkin, skull and monster votive holders. 

You can purchase any of these products and their Halloween fragrances from many online retailers, such as the official UK Yankee Candle site, and most items should be available in your local Yankee Candle retail stores.

I am hoping to get my hands on the rest of the black cat range as I think they are incredibly cute and truly in the spirit of Halloween!

What do you think of Yankee Candle's 2015 Halloween Range?


  1. Aghh those cats are so cute!! I live in New Zealand and we do get Yankee Candles, however the only holiday collection we get is the christmas one, which sucks because I looove halloween so much! Sadly here in NZ, halloween isn't a big deal. I used to live in england and over there its celebrated, which I really miss.
    Love your blog!!



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  3. I live in Manchester England
    and Halloween is spooky time,
    full of trick and treats for all.
    I have a Yankee candle 2015 black cat
    Candle votive and a large Yankee candle jar base ring of black cats
    Looking out for black cat jar clinger
    and tea light holder.
    This will add the collection, but prices at a all time high.

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