Sunday 20 July 2014

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Today's second post is in honour of the music that has currently captured my heart and taken it hostage!

Number one is not just one song, it is a whole EP by an artist called Marlene.

The EP is called Indian Summer, and it has a song by the same name. I discovered Marlene through Spotify; they advertised a playlist perfect for Summer, so I browsed through and found Indian Summer. It is the perfect chill out track, whether you're sunbathing in your garden, hanging out with your friends or having a relaxing bath. Indian Summer is my second favourite on the EP however, as the first is called Lavender Fields. When I listen to this song, all I see in my mind is a beautiful field of purple, with butterflies and bright blue skies. You can also hear the emotion put into Marlene's vocals, which is something that instantly grabs my attention. 
Music is something I emotionally invest in, if it doesn't mean something, then I'm not going to like it (I cannot stand drum and bass!). If there aren't any lyrics, then it's not for me!
It also has a brilliant beat to it and gets embedded in your brain; I find myself humming the tune to myself at work!
Marlene is definitely my favourite artist right now, the EP is addictive. 

Another of my favourite songs at the moment is Sweet Sweet Melody by Katie Sky.

 I discovered this song through the wonderful Zoella! She created a video a while ago after she reached 1 Million subscribers on Youtube and used this song in the video. It's such a pretty song and makes me feel so happy! 
Katie Sky has an EP which this song is on, called Paradise. Yet again a great EP, and another of the songs I love is Right Words. However, it hasn't captured my heart as much as Marlene has!

So there you have it, my favourite music addictions of the moment :)

(Both available on Spotify)

If you're reading this, thank you for taking an interest :)

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