Monday 28 July 2014

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As mentioned in a previous blog post, I ordered a couple of items from the Exhibit Shops website. 

I was far from impressed with their customer service and their delivery was very slow.
My order consisted of a Vogue purse and a grey blazer. After waiting a whole week (Friday to Friday) and having not heard whether my items had been dispatched, I emailed Exhibit and asked how long delivery would take. 
I received no response and it wasn't until the following Wednesday that I heard from them. I received two emails, one saying my items had been dispatched, and then a second saying I'd been refunded part of the order. They had refunded me for the blazer, without any explanation. I would have understood if they no longer had the stock, but with no explanation and the blazer still on the website with sizes available, I was quite annoyed.

After another couple of days, I finally received my Vogue purse. 
A great product, perfect condition and plenty of room for all my cards; I often find that many purses don't have enough compartments for the amount of cards I own!

I am very happy with my purse, I am just very disappointed in the website and how they dealt with my order. I will think twice before I order from them again.

Thanks for reading :)

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