Tuesday 22 July 2014

Top 5 Tuesday | High Street Lipsticks | prettylittlewriter

Today's blog post is my top five Tuesday High Street Lipsticks. The two gold cased lipsticks are Max Factor Colour Elixir in 'Rosewood' and 'Mulberry'. My favourite is Mulberry and is perfect for the Autumn/Winter months as it gives your pale complexion a bit of colour. It has a shimmer to it, so if you like your matte lipsticks this one isn't for you! Rosewood has some shine to it but isn't as disarming as Mulberry, and it is paler in colour; I'd say quite a nude shade.

The two lipsticks on the outside are from Primark, I have had both of these a long time and I'm sure you can tell which one I use the most! I have red and bright pink; both colours are great for summer to add a bit of 'pop' to any make up look. They are great value for money at only £1! And the best thing is they are super long stay! I have worn both colours to work on a half eight till six shift and it only faded when I ate something, which is usually about four or five hours after starting my shift!

And finally the one in the middle with the red case is the Maybelline Colour Sensation in 'Pleasure Me Red'. Long lasting and a lovely shade of deep red, it is my favourite red lipstick to use when I'm not using my Mac 'Lady Danger'. 

So there you have it! My five current top favourite high street lipsticks! 
Hope you enjoyed :)

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