Wednesday 16 July 2014

University Bedroom Tour | prettylittlewriter

Today I made a quick trip to my University house in Lincoln to pick up some bits and bobs I need at home over the summer. So I thought I'd give you a little tour around it :)

The first part of my room I thought I'd show you is probably the messiest part right now (please excuse the poorly-made bed). This part of my room probably get's the most use as it is the side of the bed I use and where I keep my hot chocolate, among other things, when I'm snuggled in bed watching Netflix or something!
I have an Ian Somerhalder Calendar and a Peter Pan and Bambi poster on the wall :)

The next part is one of my favourites! It's a homage to my favourite celebrities. I have a signed Ian Somerhalder (Vampire Diaries) Valentine Picture (bought from the Ian Somerhalder Foundation website last Valentine) in which he signed my name! Then I have a couple of signed pictures from my favourite Welshman Aneurin Barnard (BBC's The White Queen). I also have a signed Taylor Swift CD, which you can't really see very well as my Yankee Candle is hiding it! And finally I have a picture of myself and Chris Ramsey (Comedian, Hebburn) which is also hidden by the Yankee Candle and my Red CD. 
Also on here, as mentioned already, is my Yankee Candle in Beach Flowers, such a pretty scent! Then there is a Buddah Money box which I purchased from Urban Outfitters, however I simply use it for decoration! I also have a hanging woven heart, which I purchased from Primark last year, and a birdcage tea light holder which I bought from a shop in Scunthorpe called B&M.

The next picture is of my desk area and shelf. I usually keep all my hair/skin/nail products on here, but as I'm currently living back home, there is hardly anything in this room left! My desk is usually used when I have an assignment or revision to do. 

Now for my favourite part, my shelf!

Here I have my collection of perfumes and favourite jewellery hung on a lovely jewellery bodice. These come in a variety of shapes and colours and are very pretty! The perfumes I have are:
- Britney Spears Fantasy/Midnight Fantasy Duo
- Britney Spears Curious
Avril Lavigne Black Star
Avon's Bond Girl (Rare find)
Lacoste Touch of Pink
Taylor Swift Wonderstruck

You can also see my cute collection of Disney teddies! These are the Disney Big Heads Animal Tales Plush Toys. I have Simba, Bambi, Marie and Thumper. There are many more which I have yet to collect and can be found in 8inch or 10inch sizes.  
I also have Gizmo from Gremlins which you can see next to my favourite duo's CD, Dan and Shay :) They are a country music duo who's songs are very summery and upbeat, great for chilling out in the garden or driving to. 
Here is also my F. Scott Fitzgerald novel collection, which I purchased from Waterstones (online). It is such a pretty collection of the novels and I cannot wait to read them :)
I also have a cute box which looks like a Wuthering Heights book by Emily Bronte. I got it from a cute little market stall in Meadowhall (Sheffield) and I haven't found it online, but there are very similar items out there!
I also have a cute little Leopard teddy which I bought on a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park :)

Last but not least is my windowsill!

I apologise for the poor quality photo, but the sun was shining so brightly through the window it was hard to take a good picture! As you can see I have a bright pink photo frame with a photograph of myself and a friend on holiday in Spain last year. The frame was bought from Urban Outfitters. Next to it is a small Yankee Candle in Vanilla Frosting, a gift from a friend. Then there is a lantern for tea lights which makes a lovely pretty pattern on the wall in a dark room when a tea light is lit. Then I have some rose containers which I have yet to find a use for (IKEA), a cute 'Love' sign for decoration (The Range) and finally a vintage style jug (Ebay) with some faux flowers (IKEA). 

I am very proud of my bedroom at University, it is always kept very tidy (unlike when I'm at home!) and I think it represents my personality well :)
Hope you like it!

Items in this blog post can be found here:
If I haven't listed the item you want, it is because I haven't been able to find the item online or it is no longer available.

 The picture of myself and Chris Ramsey that is hidden by my Yankee Candle :)

Myself and a friend on holiday in Malaga, Spain, which is the photograph in my photoframe :)

Thank you for reading! :)

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