Friday 29 August 2014

Disney Merchandise | prettylittlewriter

With my trip to Florida rapidly approaching, one thing I am extremely excited for is purchasing A LOT of Disney merchandise.

I have been browsing both the Hot Topic and the Disney Store websites for some inspiration and ideas on what to purchase and I have spotted some AMAZING THINGS <3

Firstly I have seen some absolutely adorable decor items and accessories.

From left to right; Beauty and the beast iphone 4/4s case (Hot Topic), Mrs Potts and Chip salt and pepper pots (Hot Topic), Art of Aurora mug (Disneystore), P Sherman Bracelet (Hot Topic), Hamm Piggy Bank (Disneystore), Cogsworth Pop! Figurine (Hot Topic), Mrs Potts and Chip Pop! Figurine (Hot Topic), Beauty and the Beast Rose Pendant (Hot Topic) and Bambi Musical Snow Globe (Disneystore)


Next up are some clothing items! 

From left to right; Olaf Tank Top, Never land Hat, Beauty and the Beast Pumps, Anna and Elsa Tank Top. (All items from Hot Topic)

I think the Never land hat is super cute and I would wear it a lot through the Autumn/Winter months, and those Beauty and the Beast pumps are the prettiest shoes ever.

Obviously I'm not going to be buying all of this, as they may not even have all the items in Hot Topic or the Disney stores, they are simply ideas for when I get there!

I also spotted this; I won't be purchasing it even if they have it in store, but I think it's a super cool idea (who doesn't want to be Ariel?!)

Ariel Bikini (Hot Topic)

And lastly are some adorable baby outfits! My Niece is pregnant and will soon be finding out the sex of her little jelly bean (before I go to Florida), therefore I will know which of these outfits (if they have them in store) I can buy for her!

Marie Bodysuit and Simba Onesie (Disneystore)

Personally out of both I prefer the Simba onesie (it's just SO CUTE!) but depending on what she is having I will only be buying one of them :)

So there you have it; the Disney merchandise I am currently adoring!

Have you seen any super cute Disney items? :)

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